Wednesday, January 6, 2010

It was a dreamy new year celebration

2010 is here. Nuha is going to be 6 this year so I thought she's big enough to be taken to see some fireworks on new year's eve. Before this we always thought that she's still our little baby girl, too young to stay up late and wait for the fireworks, too small to appreciate the fun of seeing and hearing bright striking lights blazing up the night sky. Well maybe this year it's different especially now that she's a big sister to two loud and boisterous toddlers.

The plan was for me to take Nuha out to somewhere with an excellent view of KLCC and watch the fireworks from there. Going into the city and joining the mad new year's crowd was definitely a big hell no! I'd prefer viewing the havoc from a safe and comfortable distance. The plan was also for Supermama to stay home with the twins while Zombiedaddy and Nuha go oooh and aaahhh watching the fireworks outside. I had more or less picked a nice spot somewhere not too far from our place that had a good vista of KLCC. I didnt think many people knew of the spot so I was pretty sure we would get a nice unobstructed view. Oh, by the way, Nuha didnt know anything about the plan. We didn't tell her cos we didnt want to get her hopes dashed if the plan failed. You know it might rain or something else might come up, so better make it a surprise. We forced her to take a nap in the afternoon so that she would feel fresh and not sleepy later in the night which is way beyond her routine bedtime. So all in all it was a good plan. So good in fact that we thought it was going to be a blazing good night.

But as a seasoned father of 3 girls should know, what you meticulously planned for and what really transpired at the end of the day may not always go hand in hand. And that was exactly what happened that new year's eve night, reality had a different idea and it wasn't as we planned. And it wasn't Nuha's fault at all.

The night started like most other nights. At 8 o'clock Zombiedaddy put Raina and Raisa to bed. Bedtime doa, goodnight kisses and some offkey lullabies and off to slumberland they go. Only, on that particular night, it was not just Raina and Raisa who went to slumberland at around 8.12pm. Zombiedaddy too, closed his eyes a few seconds too long and off to la-la land also he accidently went. Woke up at 12.15am, everyone was sleeping including Nuha and Supermama. Everything was eeriely quiet. No fireworks, no bang, no boom, no lights blazing up the night sky. Not even the 'hey lets watch the fireworks live on tv'. Even the tv was switched off. I dozed off and ruined my carefully laid out plan. Good thing I didnt tell Nuha about it or she would be mighty pissed with her abah for dozing off.

So that's how new year was celebrated in the Zombiedaddy's household this year. We definitely did not join the mad new years eve crowd. We saw everything from a safe dreamy distance. In fact, we were so dreamily far away from the crowd, everything was too vague to recall.. Thanks to me.. Zzzzzz.
Kakak Nuha giving Raisa a New Year's smooch

Raisa and Raina 'We're going to be 2 this year' pose

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