Thursday, August 18, 2011

Parenting Tips–Part 2

If you want a toddler to remember a certain new word, you have to apply that particular word in your sentences on a regular basis. When I say regular basis, I mean your every other sentence should have the new word in it. Last week, the new word in the Zombiedaddy household was ‘cornflakes’.

C is for Cornflakes. Abah is eating cornflakes. Mama is eating cornflakes. Kakak is eating cornflakes. Raina and Raisa are eating cornflakes. Cornflakes are crunchy. Cornflakes are delicious when taken with milk and honey. Everybody say corn.. flakes.. good girls.

Back from work the other day, we noticed that Raisa was eating cornflakes from her favourite pink bowl. We wanted to see if she remembers the word cornflakes, so Supermama asked her what she was eating.

Supermama : Sedapnya.. Raisa makan apa tu?

Raisa : Kriuk Kriuk!

Supermama : What? Raisa makan cornflakes kan?

Raisa : Yes!

Supermama : Raisa makan apa tu?

Raisa : Kriuk Kriuk!

Apparently we had missed something. If you really want a toddler to remember a certain new word, you’d better make sure that everybody else in the house use the exact same word. That includes The Bibik!

We definitely have a new word in the house. But it’s not cornflakes. It’s ‘kriuk kriuk’. And I have to admit that ‘kriuk kriuk’ is a lot more fun to say than the old plain cornflakes.


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Rule of Twins

Raina, Raisa and the Abah were playing in the living room while waiting for iftar. Kakak Nuha was half lying on the sofa probably dreaming about her ice cold bandung drink waiting in the freezer. Abah was playing pretend with the twins. He’s pretending to be sleeping. The twins were not too happy about it but that was what Abah knew he was very good at. In fact, there were a few moments while playing that he wasn’t pretending at all. The twins insisted the Abah to pretend to be a baby cat. “Baby cat scared?” “meow” “Baby cat hungry?” “meow” “Baby cat nak minum?””meow” “Baby cat so cuuute” “hah mana belajar cakap so cute nih?”

Exactly 3 years ago today, Supermama was very huge! I mean she was heavily pregnant with the twins and ready to deliver. Raina and Raisa were born 2 minutes apart on 9th August 2008. A lot of the nurses that day asked us why didn’t we try to have the twins the day before so that their birth date would be 080808 which was considered an auspicious number to some. Heck I said. What auspicious date? We were only going for routine checkup when the good gynae suddenly mentioned that one of the twins (later known as Raina) had stopped growing and suggested Supermama to be admitted right away.

9th August 2008, Week 34 of pregnancy, Supermama was brought to the labour suite to have the contraction test done. About four belts were placed around her tummy for about 15 minutes to check the contraction rate and also the babies’ heartbeats. Subhanallah, both babies’ hearts had the same rhythm and beat as if there was only one baby in her tummy and not two. The contraction was strong and consistent, while the dilation test indicated a 5cm opening. Seemed like Raina had decided that she wanted to come out and see the world already. The same Raina at 3 years old, who still doesn’t have any patience but is always persistent in her decisions.

An emergency caesarean was arranged immediately that afternoon. Due to its ‘emergency’ nature, the Abah wasn’t allowed in the operation room eventhough I was already garbed in the green surgical robe. Thanks to Dr.Zarin the paediatrician (also an Old Boy) who opened the door wide enough for me to slip in, the Abah was able to hold Supermama’s freezing hand and watched his two little angels being taken out from the womb one at a time. Raina was first to come out at 2.28pm, and then Raisa safely delivered 2 minutes later. Identical in all aspects yet different in their own ways.

To the birthday girls, remember who you are and where you come from. Always put Allah in your hearts. Remember that you are strong and you can accomplish anything no matter how long the roads to your goals look, InsyaAllah. Always have faith and stay true to yourself. Be kind and compassionate not only to everything around you but also to yourself.

Abah, Mama and Kakak Nuha love you forever.


Raisa & Raina – 1 Day Old


Raisa & Raina – 3 Years Old

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