Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Goat Tidur Lambat?

I was told during the briefing for all parents of standard one kids at Nuha's new school about a month ago, that our caring, loving but fickle government has again changed the school syllabus to a new one. They called it KSSR to replace the KBSR system. They said it's more inclusive and they coined new words like linus and others like it to emphasis the good things that our kids would be exposed to in schools. All these came to mind the other night when Nuha asked me a question while doing her homework.

Nuha: Abah! Goat tidur lambat tak?

I thought she was doing english or bahasa melayu, but this sounded more like zoology or maybe farming.

Abah: hmmm iye la kot

Nuha: Abaaah! Betul ke goat tidur lambat ni?

How the hoot am I suppose to know what time do goats go to bed or whatever it is they sleep on. They didnt teach me this kind of things when I was in school last time. Where's Supermama when you need her! Bring me the encyclopedia.

Abah: How many answers can you choose from?

Nuha: Two

Abah: what are the answers?

Nuha: it's goat or bad. You choose one.

Abah: Mama, forget the encyclopedia. Just bring me some cotton buds.

Something I learned tonight.. Our education system is not as bad as my hearing apparently.

03012011161 Nuha in her perfect white uniform (for now)


In the same class with her cousin Tij.. boleh ke belajar ni?

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