Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Better than synchronised swimming

Hello! Hello, is this the Sychronised Swaying Academy? I'd like to enrol my daughters in one of your advance classes please. What do you mean this is not the swaying academy? What does this academy do then? What? Synchronised what? You sure or not it's swimming not swaying? I want to talk to the principal please. Oh you are the principal. How come you've never heard of synchronised swaying before? No, no it has nothing to do with swimming or even water. It's actually very close to wiggling, only that the bums part dont move as much. Are you sure you've never heard of it? It takes a lot of skills to perform and not many can actually do this swaying thing. And my kids are really good you know. So can I enrol them in your school or not? Oh you dont have special trainers for this thing eh. And you dont really know what swaying is. I can send you a video if you want. What! You dont accept videos and you're not interested in swaying. You're going to miss out big time man!. Let me tell you, this is the next big thing. Before you know it, it'll be the main event in the Olympics and the World Games. This is definitely better than synchronised swimming I'm telling you! Hello! Hello! Helllooo!

Monday, September 14, 2009

A picture of double happiness

This morning after sahur, when we entered the room where Raina and Raisa were sleeping, we were presented with a picture perfect view.

Imagine looking at your baby sleeping. Everything so quiet. Her face angelic. Her closed eyes hide unbridled love for you. Her breathing, soft like a whisper. She's your miracle, a priceless gift bestowed on you that you say "Syukur Alhamdulillah" in every prayer. She's your joy, your happiness, the reason for your being. The one that melts your heart with every uttered word. The treasure that you promised to cherish and protect with every breath that you have. And she's sleeping, at peace with everything around her.

Now, times that by two. That's how we felt.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Eyes Wide Shut

Me and Supermama have not missed sahur so far this Ramadhan. And since last week we have been joined for Sahur by Nuha our 5 year old. Every night before she goes to bed she would remind us to wake her up in time for Sahur because she wants to fast tomorrow. I know it sounds so sweet. Yes I agree it does sound sweet when she said that at bedtime but come sahur time it doesn’t always look pretty anymore.. eyes wide shut, limped legs, angry half-awaked brain, grumpy to the max.

Abah: Nuha nak sahur tak?
Nuha: {nodding.. eyes closed}
Abah: If you want to sahur then you have to get up now. We have to hurry.
Nuha: {no answer.. eyes closed}
Abah: Ok you go back to sleep. Tak payah sahur.
Nuha: Abaaaaaaaah!!! {at the top of her lungs}

Nuha inherits this trait from me, which I’m not proud to admit. We may be awake during sahur but our taste buds are still sleeping like a log. Nothing looks delicious to us at this hour. When Supermama asked Nuha what she wanted to have with her rice, she just grunted “egg”. When Supermama suggested that she has chicken instead, she just grunted “egg” again and gave Supermama the evil-eye look. The evil-eyes are just the start. “Kenapa egg Nuha ni tak potong?” “Mana air Nuha?” “Kenapa Mama duduk jauh sangat?” All these would last for like five to ten minutes before sahur can be eaten in peace. We would expect her to run back to bed as soon as she has finished eating judging by her grumpy mood and half-closed eyes.

Finally, sahur is done. As we were walking back to the room, to the waiting bed, Nuha turned and asked “Nuha nak tengok cartoon boleh tak Abah?” Chirpy like a mother hen in the morning, when not 20 minutes back she was giving everyone the evil eye.

Nuha being grumpy during sahur

Nuha giving Supermama the evil-eye look

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