Friday, July 2, 2010

Father of Two Girls and a Pet Tiger

As of last night, I was officially the proud father of 2 girls and a pet tiger. This new status was imposed on me by the pet tiger herself as we were watching Dibo the Gift Dragon on TV with my other two real daughters.

It caught me by surprise. I was looking after Raina & Raisa who were at that time glued to Dibo when suddenly there was a growl coming from very close to my right ear. The growl got louder almost turning into a roar. I turned, and there it was the mightiest tiger in the whole world, squatting next to me.

And then, the mighty tiger spoke:

Tiger: Abah, you only have two daughters now

Abah: Eh, what happened to my other daughter?

Tiger: I'm not just a girl anymore, I'm a tiger. You have two daughters and a pet tiger.

Abah: Are you going to eat me and mama and adik?

Tiger: No! I’m only going to bite other people.

Abah: Ok then, you can be a tiger. But you still have to brush your teeth and kemas all your toys.


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