Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I believe one of the most important thing every parent cannot do without is a digital infrared thermometer.. You know, those little gadget that only takes 2 seconds to read your child's temperature. How else do you know that your child is having a 40degree high fever and needs to be rushed to the hospital or just a low-grade fever that can be remedied with a few doses of paracetamol. Especially now with the swine flu already on our shores, you can never treat a fever lightly. And forget about those older thermometers that need to be put in the mouth or under the armpit and requires a full minute to read the temperature. Don't think the twins can sit still for a minute with the thermometer under their armpits. Imagine this scenario, let's say we manage to sit Raisa still with the thermometer sticking out from under her arm. Before you can say "50 seconds to go", Miss KayPoChee Raina will crawl over from across the room with sudden interest on her sister's new toy. What we would end up in getting after a full minute, is the temperature of the floor with a thermometer covered in saliva and the twins wailing. Definitely not very effective.
Supermama called earlier today to tell me Raisa had a fever.. it was quite high almost touching 39degrees. With Nuha last time we would have panicked but we are much more calm with the twins. With experience comes wisdom i would say. Either that or we are just too tired to go panicky over every cough, sneeze and fever. Supermama gave Raisa a cold bath and a dose of progesic. She's hovering at just below 38degrees right now. She also still has all her appetites so we are not too worried. But at the same time, having fever equates to crankiness.. cranky babies cry and make alot of noises. When one baby cries the other baby cant sleep too. Before you know it, you have two cranky babies. Aahh gotta go, Zombiedaddy on double duty tonight.


  1. Rodd,
    Forehead & ear IR Thermometer works great too. Fast & accurate...My Adalia got fever too this morning. May be the weather..

  2. Yeah we got one too, bought about 4 yrs back. Cheapo but still works great. Raisa dan kebah, it was just a passing fever. Hope your princess will get well soon enough.


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