Friday, August 28, 2009

A Month of Chaos

It has been one hectic month for all of us, the twins included. some things happened as planned while other events seemed to drop like napalm bombs and made our lives go helter skelter all of a sudden. We were like mice trapped in the pesticide corner of the supermarket... rushing to find a way out while trying not to get asphyxiated in the process. A mouse in this situation only thinks about survival and wouldnt normally care so much about his blog or the blogging world in general. In fact, blogging was very far from his mind eventhough mrs.mouse despite her career-impeding predicaments (she's also trapped remember) did ask a few times when the next blog entry was going to be updated. Well, now that the air is clearer and easier to breathe, maybe a new blog entry is just the dose needed to let the world know that the family of mouses survived quite intact afterall.
The napalm bombs that i mentioned came in different forms. First, our maid decided to quit and become a dangdut singer in Johor. I maybe exagerating the dangdut part but the quitting part was real. i have to admit that we depended on the maid to look after the twins during the day. To make matters worse, the supposed replacement maid would only arrive towards end of august. We tried to find temporary ones to fill the gap but all our attempts never seemed to work out. The twins are not that difficult to look after, they just needed someone to "buai" them to sleep and to stop them from yanking the whiskers off Bee our fat cat. Whenever these temps decided not to show up, we had to take leave from work. So some days, the twins would have their Abah at home but most days they would see Supermama. Well, Supermama had to stay off work more because Zombiedaddy had to go outstations and also had meetings to attend. Thank God her boss was also a mother and could understand our predicament.
The second napalm came when the twins had to be admitted to the hospital for acute bronchiolitis. This is the second time they had a spell at the hospital. The first was when they were 3 months old caused by the same RSV virus. This time they spent a week at Tawakal Hospital. Supermama had to take leave again to look after Raina and Raisa. Nuha the kakak didnt want to stay behind so we bundled her along to the hospital. Even Zombiedaddy had to spend the nights at the hospital because Supermama wanted to sleep and someone had to take over the night shift. The twins even had to celebrate their birthdays at the hospital.. With nebulizers instead of cakes and prezzies. Kesian! I'm sure there'll be an entry about our little exhausting hospital adventure.
Despite the overall chaos that dictated our lives for the last 30 over days, there were also some bright memorable spots that also took place. First, we had visitors from Perth coming back for a short break. The girls were over the moon to see and play with their cousins. It was really great to see my nieces had grown to become beautiful, polite and charming girls while their mother stayed slim and pretty (no, i wasn't bribed with any heavenly chocolate crowned Arnotts biscuit to come out with
that statement). Ok Ok maybe I should have said 'nice' and not use the word 'slim' at all hehehe. Oh there will also be an entry on this later. Anyways, the only sad thing about the Aussie's visit was that we couldnt spend more time with them except the weekends due to the napalm bombs i mentioned earlier. We really hope to make up for it when they're here again in December.
Ok, so that has more or less summed up our cluttered month that explains the drought in this blog. Hopefully the air will stay clear so that I can continue updating the philosophical outlook on life by a preschooler and twin infants, or in other words the funny things that Nuha, Raina and Raisa do on a daily basis.
Oh, to those of you who are reading this... Thank you for stopping by.


  1. woit kamu, dah habis ke Arnott's tu? Hari tu dia tgh murah giler so I bought lot lot lagi utk bawak balik Dec ni, hehehe.... Malu aje bila bayar kat counter, sure diaorang ingat I ni bulimic, sbb makan Crowns bnyk2 pun tp still stay slim, wahkahkahkah

  2. Interesting blog..
    Wishing you guys the best in life!

    -Mama Ash-Levin

  3. salam adi,
    kesian the twin kena masuk hospital,anak kak zana yang bongsu pernah kena penyakit yang sama dan kena warded juga.Selang sebulan lagi masuk ward first time 7 hari second time 10 hari third time 14 hari , kak zana tahu bagaimana perasaanya ,yang last sekali tu kena nebulizer setiap sejam sekali.bayangkan 24 kali macamana nak tidur kak zana dah macam mak zombi masa itu jalan pun rasa melayang-layang sebab tak cukup tidur. Itu sorang je nak kena jaga ni adi and isteri twin pula tu,masyaallah memanglah kena bersabar banyak-banyak.Takpalah adi semua itu pengalaman yang akan jadi kenangan. Anak kecik ni memanglah nak melepaskan umur setahun tu akan ada je masalahnya.

  4. oh when my twins were in the hospital we were so afraid of that RSV. thus had to invest quite a lot for the prevention jab. in PPUM the jab cost about 1k!!! And had to take it 3 times or was it 5 jab

  5. Kakak, the more arnotts you bring, the more we love you hehehe no lah. cant wait to see you guys again in december.

    Mama Ash-Levin, thank you for dropping a heartwarming line. we appreciate it.

    Kak zana, i try to look at the bright side. maybe these experiences will make me a better abah to my girls. I'm sure your kids think highly of their mama for what you have done for them.

    MoTpO, i read about your recent trip to the hospital. Alhamdulillah Uzair is better now. I didnt know there's a vaccine for RSV. I'm sure our paed would have informed us if there's a vaccine available. Time to call our paed lah like this.

  6. ZombieDaddy...U've got 3 beautiful princesses! May Ur life cherished with Love, Gud Health and Wealth...;) Rgds to SuperMama!

  7. aku pun dok wonder, bila la engkau nak update ur blog yg dah berabuk ni. alhamdulillah ur girls dah better. kesian jija. hw's the new maid? ok tak?


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