Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ice Cream Makes Me Happy

Ice cream has potent magical effects within the Zombiedaddy household. The twins may be at war with one another.. screaming, crying, trying to pull each other’s hair out, total chaos. The moment you mention ice cream, peace suddenly reigns. They’re best buddies again. Sitting on their little chairs. Wearing their little bibs. Raina is kissing Raisa on the cheek. Raisa is hugging Raina warmly. No screaming, no yelling. Only rainbows and butterflies and chocolate made in heaven. Wish I could give them ice cream all day everyday, but Supermama probably wouldn’t be too happy about it.

People say a picture paints a thousand words but the photo below only has five words in it.. “Ice cream makes me happy”.



  1. Men! Always resort to bribing their kids. Sebijik mcm sham!

  2. apa pulak ice cream aje, what about the chocs?
    Anak2 lu macam lu lah sebijik, kena bribe dengan ice cream and chocs, terus lembik, hahahha

  3. Shidah, it's not bribing lah. it's called positive praising of the child with words (or in this case ice cream) of appreciation. hehehe

    Kakak, since u have a medical background maybe you can answer this. Can sweet-tooth be hereditary? Becos it seems to run very strongly in the family.

  4. hehe my kids love ice-cream,switch between ice-cream in a cup with home made popsicles (fruit juices,ribena)... happiness is a cold treat once a while:)

  5. you got that right mr. H. happiness is a cold treat once in a while.


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