Friday, June 26, 2009

Happy Daughters’ Day (Part 2)

Last Sunday was Father's Day (at least in 52 of the world's countries). I suppose it's still not too late to wish all fathers a happy father's day although in some small part of the world (my part of the world that is), father's day is a day where daughters instead of the Abah, get all the attention, gifts and cakes... yes, even the cakes. No one's complaining of course, Abah got lots of kisses from his girls for father's day, even a particularly wet one from Raisa. Aahh.. The joy of being a father where kisses and hugs are more precious, more sought after than gold yet freely given and received. Pure bliss!

Anyways, back to father's day... A month ago for mother's day, Nuha came back from school with a self-made card in the shape of a heart. It was huge and red and had lots of tiny pretty things glued on it. It had "i love you mama" painfully scribbled on it with great effort and love by Nuha herself. In short, it was a beautiful card. I had nothing but praise for the kindie and the teachers who used such an ocassion to inculcate creativity, pride and love in the children towards their mothers. Couldn't wait for father's day to arrive to see what sort of card Nuha and friends would make for her Abah and other daddies. If I was the teacher I would ask the kids to make a sportscar cards or maybe cards that are shaped like a plasma tv or a GPS devise for father's day. You know, macho daddies appreciate this kind of macho cards. Heart shaped cards are just too sissy for macho daddies like us.

Fast forward to last friday, Nuha didn't come home from school with a sportscar card or a plasma tv card. Instead, she came back with a bag full of nothing. Wait! What! Let me repeat.. NOTHING! Not even a tiny sissy heart shaped card…

Suddenly felt like getting a blowtorch, a bloody big can of petrol and head down to her kindie for a little bonfire party...

P.s zombiedaddy would like to wish his abah a happy father's day for being a superdad. And to all fathers of little girls out there.. Happy Daughters' Day.. 'Cos we know everyday is happy daughters' day.


  1. ha ha ha adi,sabar-sabar kalau nak dingatkan masa kita kecil-kecil dulu sambutan father's day and mother's day tak berapa perasan pula ada kan yalah duduk kan pekan kecil sekolah kat kampung alamat sekolah pun SAAS Kampung Kuantan,dah besar ni baru nak tahu ada sambutan macam ini.Kira kita beruntung ada juga anak-anak kita nak bagi kad or hadiah. Kesian ibubapa kita dulu kalau harijadi baru nak dapat hadiah.Sekarang ini sambutan macam ni disambut besaran-besaran.Yang penting doa untuk ibu-bapa kita setiap hari.
    Ada boss kak zana setiap harijadi anaknya dia berpuasa dengan niat kejayaan dan kebahagiaan untuk anaknya dunia dan akhirat(beruntung sungguh anaknya.;-)

  2. Betul Betul doa tu tak boleh tinggal.. kena sentiasa ingat.
    Cuma kalau dapat card shaped like a sportscar pun best jugak kan hehehe.


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