Friday, June 19, 2009

The Longest Journey

A couple of weekends ago, the whole family made a trip to Chenor, Pahang and back, via Temerloh and Ijok. Normally we’d use the twins as an excuse not to go on long journeys. But this time, we were all eager to go as it was going to be the wedding of the year (in our family circle) of every niece’s favourite uncle – Uncle Keem aka Andak and Auntie Rose.

The journey started at Maktok’s (Lembah Keramat) then to Nenek’s (Ijok) to pick up Atok and Nenek. Then off to Temerloh to unload our bags at the hotel and continued to Chenor where the nikah ceremony was held. That night we slept in Temerloh and headed back to Chenor in the morning for the reception, and then off to Ijok to drop Atok and Nenek before we’re finally home. It was also by far the longest journey over two day periods that the twins have made. Although they survived pretty much unscathed, there were a few moments during the crying bouts and cranky tantrums-throwing dramas, that I noticed Supermama almost changed into MonsterMama… almost but not quite. But the important thing is that.. we survived. And that was good news because we also had to go to Ipoh last weekend, and later to PD at the end of the month.

This is the twins’ account of the journey as telekinetically conveyed to me (with input from Kakak Nuha too).


Day 1: Maktok’s to Nenek’s (in the van)

Raisa: hey sis you sleeping already?

Raina: almost, Mama aimed the aircond at my face.. Car is bouncing nicely.. cannot resist the urge to sleeeep.

Nuha: Abah, play song number 1 one more time please.

Day 1: Nenek’s

Raina: Hey, it’s atok and nenek feeding us susu, not mama and abah. Do you think I should cry now?

Raisa: Finish the susu first la. If Mama and Abah are still not here by then, we cry our hearts out ok.

Nuha: Bila kita nak pergi hotel nii?

Day 1: Nenek’s to Termerloh

Raisa: Hey sis, did you notice Abah keeps on playing the same song over and over?

Raina: I’m not complaining. Eh how to tell Mama to slow down the aircond a little bit. The draught is too strong it’s making my nostrils a tad bigger lah.

Nuha: Abah, play song number 1 one more time please

Abah: Sabor je lah.

Day 1 (Night): Chenor (Nikah Event)

Raisa: Eh how come Andak is sitting over there by himself?

Raina: Look he’s shaking hands with that atok. Maybe it’s time to go back already.

(Suddenly –BOOM – somebody lit a firecracker that sounded more like a bomb)

Raisa: Opocot Budak Gemuk.. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!

Raina: eh eh why you crying? Why you crying?.. WAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!.

Abah & Supermama: Houston. We have a problem!

(A bit later. In the Van)

Raina: Hey sis, how come you are half naked? It’s not mandi time yet.

Raisa: I just vomited on myself and on the carseat. And I’m too cranky Mama didnt want to put on another pants. Good thing Mama brought extra blankie.

Mama: Step on the Gas, Abah!



Day 2: Chenor (Wedding Reception)

Raisa: I’m gonna be a good girl today. No crying. Gonna put on my best smile eventhough i’m sweating like a… like a sweating hot baby.

Raina: Whatever… I’ll stick to being clingy. .



Day 2: Temerloh RnR (on the way back)

Raisa: Holy Stinking Mother of Skunk! Did someone just farted?

Raina: It’s not fart lah. This one got meat inside You like the smell eh? Abaah! My diaper feels funny.. do something now!

Abah: Holy Stinking Mother of Skunk! Call HAZMAT now!

(Later… on the highway, still another 145km to Ijok)

Raina: Mama pick me up.. WAAAAAAAAAA!!! WAAAAAAAAA!!

Raisa: Mama I cant sleep… WAAAAAAAAAA!! WAAAAAAAAA!!

Supermama: (Turning green ala Hulk) Mr McGee... don't make me angry... you wouldn't like me when I'm angry...

Nenek: Sian nye cucu nenek

Atok: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…

Nuha: Abah, play song number 1 one more time please

Abah: Think happy thots… Think happy thots


p.s. We'd like to thank all our siblings and family during this trip and also during the trip to Ipoh (you know who you are) for taking care of our Nuha when we were hapless with the twins. And also for holding the twins long enough for me and Supermama to enjoy the nasi kahwin.



  1. so so sad we weren't there. Alya said, 'the twins looked so cute, can't wait to see them in Dec and play with them'(in the photos Jija sent me, thanks eh!). Macam lah twins tu nak main dgn dia, perasan betul lah budak sorang tu, hahaha... So, basically Raina like you lah ye, ada gembeng sikit,like father like daughter :-). Samalah mcm Zahra tu (rolling eyes now).

  2. Rodd,
    I thought u were on the pelamin!:-)Your brother looks a lot like u.
    My Adalia masa balik Johor dulu was 4 m.o. But luckily she slept all the way. Penatkan kalau babies cranky during the journey

  3. angah,dari beela smpai ke tij sume pelik tgk akeem duk atas pelamin tu.ada ke time nak akad nikah,tij nak pegang tgn akeem.hehe..cian twins nangis(cian kat mak bapak dia kena jaga tungkus lumus).nasib baik yg besar2 sume hepy je.

  4. k.min, rodd dulu gembeng ke? patut ler.. kesian jija, 2 gembengs in the house. hehe..

    rodd, adik engkau muka sebijik cam engkau :)

  5. ok ok let me clear the air before it gets any cloudier..
    1. Gembeng is one of the eccentric traits that is unique and special. Either that or you have extra large lacrimal glands. Oh you need to include Nuha in that list to.. so tell Zahra she's extra lacrimally special.
    2. My brother looks like me? of course lah same parents whaat. But if look carefully we're very different on the 'handsome' scale.. me being the more handsome one la of course hahahaaha. adoii my tummy hurts..

  6. adi,
    kak zana nampak Puan Siti Utari ada dalam gambar masa pergi ke pahang,kawan kak zana satu office tu, tak sangka pulak makcik adi dia tu.:-D

  7. Ha'ah mmg my makcik. dia tu adik bongsu mak saya. The world is getting smaller everyday. :)


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