Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Better than synchronised swimming

Hello! Hello, is this the Sychronised Swaying Academy? I'd like to enrol my daughters in one of your advance classes please. What do you mean this is not the swaying academy? What does this academy do then? What? Synchronised what? You sure or not it's swimming not swaying? I want to talk to the principal please. Oh you are the principal. How come you've never heard of synchronised swaying before? No, no it has nothing to do with swimming or even water. It's actually very close to wiggling, only that the bums part dont move as much. Are you sure you've never heard of it? It takes a lot of skills to perform and not many can actually do this swaying thing. And my kids are really good you know. So can I enrol them in your school or not? Oh you dont have special trainers for this thing eh. And you dont really know what swaying is. I can send you a video if you want. What! You dont accept videos and you're not interested in swaying. You're going to miss out big time man!. Let me tell you, this is the next big thing. Before you know it, it'll be the main event in the Olympics and the World Games. This is definitely better than synchronised swimming I'm telling you! Hello! Hello! Helllooo!


  1. OMG! Such a beautiful clip!!! Just loved to watch them over n over! ;)
    Anyways, Love wld like to wish all of U a very Happy Raya! May lotsa love, happiness, wellness n prosperity be ur side! ;)

  2. cutenya...,pandai pulak tu sama je goyangnya
    sekali-sekali takut pula macam nak terantuk,budak besar ini memang tengah syok layan. Selamat Hari Raya adi and family kalau lalu Putrajaya singgah le rumah kak zana

  3. Hi there! How r ur gals doing??? Long time no update! Take care there all of u ya! ;)

  4. Long time no update? Hehehe ada ke orang yg menunggu our next entry ni? For everyone's info, the twins baru je keluar hospital last friday(again!) for a week this time. coughing, semput, fever, purging tu yg pening. That's why no update. Alhamdulillah they are better now. So hopefully the next entry will be updated soon.

  5. yes,adi kalau ada masa cepat vacuum sawang-sawang kat blog ni lama sangat tak update lebih dari sepurnama lamanya he he


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