Monday, September 14, 2009

A picture of double happiness

This morning after sahur, when we entered the room where Raina and Raisa were sleeping, we were presented with a picture perfect view.

Imagine looking at your baby sleeping. Everything so quiet. Her face angelic. Her closed eyes hide unbridled love for you. Her breathing, soft like a whisper. She's your miracle, a priceless gift bestowed on you that you say "Syukur Alhamdulillah" in every prayer. She's your joy, your happiness, the reason for your being. The one that melts your heart with every uttered word. The treasure that you promised to cherish and protect with every breath that you have. And she's sleeping, at peace with everything around her.

Now, times that by two. That's how we felt.


  1. That's so Sweet! Me n my Hubby loved to watch our babies sleeping with so much peace...;) There's no happiness other than our own babies...!

  2. so sweet! pls pinjamkan kat aku for few hours, i want both of them :D


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