Monday, November 2, 2009

The Napalms Strike Again

i know not too long ago i wrote about metaphorical napalm bombs that turned our quiet family life upside down, and when the dust settled down, how i hoped that the air would stay clear for a long long time. However, in our case, hope and reality seem to be two very different animals. And reality just happened to rear its ugly head, shown us its humongous fangs and bit us hard in the bum. Ouch!

What i'm trying to say is that the air only stayed clear for a short while before the napalms struck again. Remember I wrote about our replacement maid that was suppose to arrive by late august. She did arrive as promised and she was a good worker and the kids seemed to warm up to her too. We actually thought she was the one. But reality had a different view. Before we can say "hey let's go catch a movie while bibik looks after the kids", she's already on a plane back to surabaya. You might be asking why is our perfect bibik gone so soon. Yeah it sounds surreal i know, but she failed her bloody medical test here. She passed with flying colour there but when Fomema did it again here, she kantoi to the max. What the freakin hell i thought. Please please please let her stay i pleaded. No no no they answered. Come on lah! I begged. Dei, no means no lah! They rebuff. What else could we do? off we sent her home on the jet plane never to be seen again. It was a sad day for me and supermama. It was sadder than watching that "Million Dollar Baby" movie. And let me tell you, that movie can really make macho men shed manly tears.

So, there we were, no maid again, but still stuck with a preschooler and two babies to care for. We couldn't let our mothers babysit the kids even if they wanted to do it. It wouldn't be fair on them. In fact it would be called cruelty to grandmothers if we let that happen. One year old twins are not meant to be looked after by the grandmothers by themselves. It's like unleashing double-hell-tsunami on an old lady with a tiny umbrella expecting only a drizzle. After much thought and with heavy hearts we decided to put the twins at a nursery that we found to be acceptable. Kakak Nuha would go to her kindie and stay at supermama's office in the afternoon. Mind you, this would the first time for us sending any of our kids to a nursery, so it was understandable that we were feeling heebie-jeebies over the whole thing.

We looked at quite a few places and finally picked this one nursery in ukay perdana. The place was decent enough that we hoped the twins will be okay. But again, reality had a different view in mind. The first day they were crying almost the whole day. The second day they came home with runny noses. The third day they started coughing. The fourth day we had to take them to the paed for nebulizer treatment. The fifth day, into the hospital they went for 7 days this time around. Our first foray into the nursery realm was quite nerve-wrecking and didn't turn out so well for the twins. It was hell time at the hospital too with coughing, nebulizer every 3 hour, chest physio, purging, IV drip and nasty foul-tasting smecta. Alhamdulillah the twins got better. It was good to be home after a week at the hospital. So, it was with a heavier heart that we had to send them again to the nursery last week. We felt so guilty but we had to do it. We prayed, we hoped with all our hearts that the twins won’t fall sick again. Alhamdulillah they went through the week much better than expected. They were crying less and less. They have found back their lost appetites. They were not coughing anymore and no runny noses too. Raina and Raisa ara back! Now they fight over who gets more share of the food again, they fight over who has more bubbles in the bathtub again, they even poke each other’s eyes while they’re sleeping again. Ahh such joy! It’s good to be back..

Raina and Raisa before the got coughy and snotty10102009215

Raisa on the nebulizer20102009223

Raina on the nebulizer


Notice the freelodger in pink tshirt21102009229


  1. Of course we r waiting for ur updates on the 3 Angels...;)

    Pity kan tgk dia orang kena nebulizer...but sometimes, that's the best solution.

    Wish the twins r getting well with the nursery, n hopefully the nursery is doing a gud job as well. ;)

  2. Thank you for reading. And thank you for your kind thoughts.

  3. I hope the twins get on well at the nursery:)


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