Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Kids, Exam Week and Underwear

It was exam week at Nuha's kindie last week. If i heard correctly, she had english paper, bahasa melayu paper, math, science, arabic, and iqra'. I would have pooped in my shorts if i had to go through all that when I was 5. But I suppose time has changed, kids don’t poop in their shorts anymore nowadays. Before Nuha started playschool last year, i never thought kindie and exam can be mentioned in the same sentence. My own kindie years were a blurry blob that i can't seem to recall. And i dont think we had exams back then like what Nuha and her friends had last week. When I was 5, it was considered a big achievement if I could put on my underwear correctly, not inside out.

Anyways, i'm not here to argue about the existing education system or how every kindie is trying very hard to extract the einstein out of every 5 and 6 year old kid out there.

I'm here to tell you how our Nuha is coping with preschool life. It happened, i asked her the other day what she thought about the exam. She said it was very easy and she could complete all the given tasks without any problem. I asked if she's sure because she missed a week of school right before the exam (she was staying at the hospital with us and the twins). I asked her if she could understand all the questions. She answered with a straight "yes".

Nuha: "Nuha just right right right. Very easy".

Abah: "Eh! What do you mean right right?".

Nuha: "Mama said read three times. Nuha read three times. Nuha know it is right answer."

Abah: “Oh Teacher June showed you the answer ye?”

Nuha: “No Abah. Nuha tau sendiri”

I admire my daughter’s confidence. I don’t know yet if right means right or right means “I’m sorry Encik Zombiedaddy, we cant let your daughter go into the next class because she drew apples instead of writing the correct answers for all of the questions”. I’m not too worried though. I’m happy enough that she’s enjoying her time at the kindie. She can almost read by herself already. She can draw beautiful giraffes and horses, and cats that look like they had some nasty dinner the night before and needs to go to the toilet very very urgently. I’m also very sure that she’s much cleverer than her father was when he was 5. But just in case..

Abah: “Nuha come here please”

Abah: “I want to see your underwear”

Nuha: “Why Abah?”

Abah: “I want to see if you put it on terbalik or not”



  1. gosh, i actually read the sentence twice to see if i were reading it correctly. Kindie and exam? for real?? i've heard of kindi having homework but never heard of exam.
    but i made a promise to myself that i will not enroll my kids to kindie with homework. now i need to give it a thought on kindie and exams...hmmm

    psst, im having contest in my blog. perhaps u would like to join to win a free portraiture session by =)

  2. My son too enjoying his kindie life at Smart Reader Kids. And the word exam is just too common for him now. During our days, kindies r where we played all the time. But nowadays, it's totally different. Our kids already know what is Science..hahaha! ;)

    Compared to our kids now, I think we were much backwards during our time. :)

    Me n hubby just wish our kids will have enough time to enjoy their childhood, coz once they step into education life, there goes another 15-20yrs to complete that! Uish!

    To Nuha...enjoy! :)

  3. MTPO, almost all kindies give homework and "exam" to their 5 and especially 6 yr olds. It's partly the parents fault who get so worried if their child cant recognize the alphabets by the time their 4. In Nuha's case, if the teacher gave her too much homework, i just got her to do 1 or 2 pages only just to keep her interested. Exam wise pulak i tak expect her to "score". As long as she understood the instructions given.. that's good enough for me. OOh pasal contest tu.. biar la blogger tegar lain je yg participate.. i tgk from afar dah la hehehe.

    Love, if your son liked kindie then good for him. Cuma don't push him too much la. Most kids now suka pegi kindies because the teachers know how to make learning more interesting. Anyways, we know our children better. All the best to your son and daughter.

  4. Hmm but then again, i think partly is the education system's fault. mmg now they expect masuk standard 1 dah tau baca...that's y they have those pra-sekolah kat selected primary skool


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