Friday, May 7, 2010

Jimbo the Evil, Bloodsucking, Scary Monster of a Cat From Hell

We have a cat. No, we actually have three cats. One is named Amore or more affectionately known as Moq. The other one is called Bee. The last one is Jimbo the evil, bloodsucking, scary monster of a cat from hell. 11042009094

Actually, he’s not evil. I don’t think he drinks blood. He doesn’t look scary. And I’m quite sure he wasn’t spawned in hell. In fact, he’s more in between cute and smelly, rather than monster-ry.

The thing is, cute and smelly cat can never get a pair of toddlers to lie down quietly during bedtime, tuck their heads under the pillows and close their eyes. BUT an evil, scary monster cat always does the job, every time.

At least that’s what I told Raina and Raisa, when they are jumping around the bed, dancing and singing like drunken footballers, pushing and pulling each other’s hair, when they should be lying down quietly and sleep because bedtime started like half and hour ago and ZombieDaddy has not had his dinner yet. That’s when Jimbo starts making scary noises and evil grunts looking for little toddlers to eat and to take back to his monster lair deep in the dark jungle at the bottom of the fiery hell. Sometimes Supermama chipped in with her version of evil Jimbo although hers sounds more like a Chihuahua having chronic diarrhoea.


But hey! it works! No more little toddlers jumping around. Instead, There are two little toddlers huddled under their pillows being very quiet. They are probably closing their eyes now. Very soon they’ll be off to la-la land.


Goodnight Raina. Goodnight Raisa. Abah is going to have his dinner now. Don’t move a muscle ok. We don’t want Jimbo to come in and take you away, right! Sleep tight…

Thought I saw Raina was shaking a little bit. But it’s okay. She’ll get over it when she’s 6 or something. Isn’t that right, Nuha?


  1.'re a lucky daddy...insyaAllah...

    Seorang ayah yang menjaga anak-anak perempuannya dengan baik sehingga mereka berkahwin...nescaya syurga miliknya...insyaAllah.

    Do pop in here

    Saya 'follow'.


  2. Salam, I am a lucky daddy. And everyday I'm grateful for the simple fact that I'm a daddy to 3 precious angels.

    will check out your site, definitely.


  3. Hello Mak Adam&Mia,

    Glad to know that Jimbo the evil cat managed to tickle your funny bones. Tapi jangan gelak kuat sangat depan anak tu.. kena control sikit hehehe.


  4. hah! i too, always terrifies my kid with big monster, u don't finish your milk, cat will come and bite u...haha...

    i've heard people say that its not good for your child development, but what the heck. at the end of the day, i think we have to work with whatever we've got, right?

  5. Phatmummy, you are welcome join the monster-friendly parents club hehe.
    Child psychologists can say anything they like. To me there are many ways to ruin your child's future. Having a scary monster to "push" your child to sleep or finish her milk is not one of them definitely haha. Nuha seems ok.. so far. :)


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