Thursday, May 27, 2010

Things that happened

Things that happened when you left Zombiedaddy alone with a pair of twin toddlers and a 6-year old for couple of hours. Before I continue, I must first say that I’m fairly experienced and happy with the idea of spending half the day or half the night alone with my daughters while Supermama goes to the gym. I know some fathers out there would rather die before they let their wives leave them alone to care for the little ones even for only a couple of hours. They would come up with thousands of excuses just to get away from doing the chore. Well, these are smart fathers who know that spending a day alone with toddlers can put tears in your eyes. I am one of the few brave fathers who’s willing to stay home with the kids for some quality time. The truth is, I don’t have a thousand excuses. I maybe have 10 excuses but I had practically used them up long ago, and it's not working on Supermama anymore. So, quality time it is..

Quality time here means playing, crying, screaming, jumping, eating, vomiting, pooping (a lot of pooping), dancing, some more crying and finally, sleeping. So before I digress further, these are the things that happened last night when Zombiedaddy was left alone with his three angels:- 2-year old twins (Raina and Raisa) and a 6-year old (Nuha).

1. Roti kaya for dinner – What’s more delicious than a healthy balanced meal? Roti kaya of course.

2. Vomit on the kitchen floor – Stop jumping Nuha. Sit properly and eat your dinner. Stop jumping Nuha. Stop coughing Nuha. Run to the toilet Nuha. Ok. Ok don’t cry, Abah will wipe it. Don’t come here Raisa. There’s yucky muntah here. Don’t step on the muntah, Raisa. Ok. Ok don’t cry, Abah will wipe your feet.

3. Roti kaya on the sofa – when i said on the sofa, i mean more like splattered in hundreds tiny pieces all over the sofa. Wait! what’s that on the TV screen? Sadly yes, it’s kaya too.

4. The push, the bite and the double whack – Raina was playing with the toy binocular. Raisa then came and tried to snatch it away by pushing Raina. Raina was a little pissed so she bit Raisa on the upper arm. Then came the double whack, on both sides of Raina’s head. Gangster jugak budak Raisa ni. Stop crying Raina.. show Abah mana sakit?

5. Dancing with Barney – Ok Ok everybody sit down, Abah will put on Barney ok. Now both of you can dance. Wei! Barney doesn’t dance like that lah. Stop turning around like that or you’re going to hit.. alamak! hush hush it’s ok it’s ok. No benjol pun.. tak sakit kan.

6. Can Vaseline be eaten? – I don’t know but I surely hope it can. Because a lot of it was smeared on the twins’ faces including the lips, the teeth and the tongues. All this while Abah was in the bathroom giving Kakak Nuha a shower for like 5 minutes.

7. Brushing Raina’s teeth twice – Well, they look the same. I thought I got the right girl. Guess I was wrong. Seems like Raina got her teeth brushed twice.

8. Sleep time – Everybody into the room now. Raina Raisa no jumping on the bed ok. Abah’s going to switch off the light now. Nuha, no reading in the dark! Everybody lie down now. Eh! What’s that sound? That’s Jimbo looking for little girls to eat. No more noise ok. aaaaaahhh.. everybody sleeping already. This is the best time of the day. Now Abah can read the paper, watch the TV, eat.. maybe I’ll lie down for a minute.. so cozy here.. zzzzzzzZZZZZZ

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  1. OMG, this is sooooo funny....for two reasons.

    first - it is a funny post and u're a funny guy.

    second - i just finished up a post that is scheduled for tomorrow regarding what happens when u leave a toddler alone with the daddy for the whole day

    and ur situation echoes exactly what happened to my little angel and dear hubby. of course, u got the worst end of the deal (hubby only deal with one toddler, u have 3. haha)

    but hey, at least u got them to eat, bathe and change into proper clothes.

  2. Phatmummy, you should give credit to your hubby for being brave enough to do it. If you give him enough practice, in 3 months time he'll be able to feed and wash your daughter at one go. that is if he survived the 3 months tu lah. hehe

    Btw, this entry may seem funny in retrospect. But when i was down on the kitchen floor wiping the vomit while trying to stop the twins from stepping on it, it wasn't funny at all. hahaha.

  3. oh my god, this is seriously hilarious! i was laughing all the way (sampai nak terkencing2 sudah!) from paragraph 1 lagi. i could imagine every part macam a movie playing in my head..!

    zombiedaddy, i don't know who u are, but ur blog will be something i'm going to constantly read from now on! at least, i can have some real (and funny) behind the scenes father/husband action when it comes to parenting & family!

  4. hi nanin, i don't know why so many people think vomit on the kitchen floor is funny. Let me tell you, it is not! hehehe but thank you for your kind words.


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