Thursday, May 6, 2010

I Love My Rabbit Teeth

There are so many ways for a 6-year-old to get down from a dining chair apparently. One method, the one that ZombieDaddy and most parents like very much is the graceful way, where the  said 6-year-old would slid her legs down, lift up her butt and walk away.. quietly and gracefully. But graceful is a big word that most kids, or more specifically this particular 6-year-old can’t yet comprehend let alone relate to. She preferred a different method. She called it the fly-like-the-wind way. I called it the scared-the-poop-out-of-me way. Because it did scare the poop out of me seeing her slid off her legs one at a time over the back of the dining chair, teetering for a second on something that could topple over anytime, then jumped onto the floor and walked away. And it wasn’t graceful at all, that is unless you are a blue elephant, have 4 wheels instead of legs and live on a scary planet called Jungle Junction with a pink pig as your best friend.

But you’re not a blue elephant on wheels. That means getting off the dining chair the way you did may have its side effects… like falling and getting hurt and having the chair fell on you.  That’s exactly what happened the other day. It started with a scream. It always starts with a scream in ZombieDaddy’s household. This time Supermama was partly to blame as I was told in between sobs and incoherent yells, that some teasing took place that led to the screaming. If I got it right, it started with some teasing, then there was some screaming coupled with some crying, then there was some flying or more like falling followed by the chair also falling and hitting you on the lips. Then there was some bleeding, more screaming, Abah yelling, chair blaming and two loose front teeth.

We have to take you see the dentist. [sobbing started again]. She might have to take the teeth out. [sobbing turned to crying]. It’s not going to hurt. [more crying]. It’s only baby teeth. You’ll grown a new set of teeth. [still crying]. Why are you still crying?

I love my rabbit teeth, Abah!


p.s The dentist advised us not to take the teeth out, but to wait for a couple of weeks. Because in many cases like this, the milk teeth might ‘tighten’ back. Nuha might not lose her rabbit teeth afterall.

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