Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hey Soul Sister

The twins are playing quietly in the living hall and you are peeling an orange on the kitchen bar. You are watching them and you are also secretly peeling the orange. Why secretly? It must be a secret because the twins love oranges more than they love Dibo. Okay, maybe not Dibo, but definitely more than, say, Timmy or Handymanny. Yup, definitely more than Handymanny. Anyway, you are about to eat your freshly peeled orange when a twin looks up and sees you. She gets up and starts to walk. You try not to panic. You stop whatever you’re doing. You look closely at her. You quickly identify which of your identical twins is now running towards you at top speed.

If it is Raisa, you will shove the entire peeled orange into your mouth before she gets to you. Then you say “finish” as best as you can when she asks for it. Raisa loves oranges, but not for eating so much. She would eat about a quarter of it and she would smear the rest over every surface she can reach.. and on the TV screen.. especially on the TV screen. She has probably made a deal with the families of ants living around the house that she’s going to feed them with oranges every time she gets the chance.

If it is Raina, you will reluctantly offer her a slice. Raina will also make a big mess out of the orange, but at least she will do so while trying to eat it. She will eat most of it and more importantly she will leave the TV alone.

You are relieved to see it is Raina. She puts out her hand, says “nak” and you give her the first slice, amazed that the whole transaction is taking place only a couple of meters from where the Orange Destroyer is happily playing with her blocks. Raina, very pleased with her new acquisition, does what every good human being would do. She walks right over and shows it to her soul sister.

"Raisa, nak ni? nak?" you hear as you quickly shove the rest of the fruit into your mouth… and hide behind the fridge.


Note: This photo has nothing to do with oranges.


  1. They can talk now, that's so sweet!!!
    Bila hangpa nak mai Perth? Airasia kan selalu buat sale sekarang ni.

  2. They are not only talking, they are singing too. And being typical malaysians, they speak rojak la of course.. a little english, malay, manadarin, tamil, twinnish and a few words that i suspect are plutonian.
    Perth ha? tengah kumpul duit la ni. hehehe

  3. you're hilarious. ok. like seriously.

  4. I think all parents of twins are hilarious. Because if we are not, then we go insane. Some of us take the middle road.. we are insanely hilarious. I'm not sure which road i'm taking but my daughters think i'm cool. That's good enough for now. :)

  5. hi...nice and funny post, as usual. and I agree that to be in your situation, if you can't handle things without sense of humor, u'd go crazy. anyways, have you ever heard of http://bapakblogger.blogspot.com/ ? might be worth checking. :)

  6. tu la pasal. humor is my middle name.. but crazy is my first name la pulak hahaha.
    there is another local daddy blog? i cari tak jumpa. Supermama said i cari dengan hidung. anyways, thank u very much and i will definitely check it out.

  7. i always tell my hubby dia carik dgn mulut. sebab everytime dia cari, mesti bising satu rumah "yang, mana abang punya so-and-so?", "nampak tak abg punya bla-bla?". cari dgn mulut la tu...haha...

  8. cari dgn mulut tu lagi teruk dari cari dgn hidung hahaha. kejap lagi bapak ngan anak sama-sama cari dgn mulut.. mummy dia la pening.


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