Friday, June 18, 2010

Life With Twins

Last night I had an epiphany while trying to balance Raisa on my shoulder and playing some clapping games with Raina at the same time. Both were crying loudly. They just had a fight you see, over a book that seemed so interesting right now. The same old picture book that nobody wanted not half an hour ago. All this while Argentina was playing South Korea live on TV.

That’s when I realised that Twins do not obey the basic laws of mathematics. You may think that two babies means twice the work, right? No. Absolutely No!

Try to imagine this scenario. Say your wife tells you to wash a pile of dishes by dinner time. That's work. Now say your wife asks you to was two big piles of dishes by dinner time. That's twice the work. And now suppose your wife asks you to wash both big piles of dishes at the same time. That's twins!


But then again, big piles of dishes don’t cry their hearts out. They don’t mind not being picked up at the same time. They don’t poke each other’s eyes. Come to think of it.. give me those big piles of dishes anytime.

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