Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What Love Means..

Love means never saying “shut up”.

Because of a promise I made to her a few months ago (probably to make her stop whining), I took Nuha our eldest to the KL Bird Park last Thursday. And to make the day more bearable, I asked Nuha’s cousin, Tijani and her mother (my sister) to tag along.

In ZombieDaddy’s world, girls are the inquisitive type. They ask questions every few minutes eager for answers. And when they get excited, like when they can’t wait to reach the bird park or when they get to go there with their cousin, they ask more questions.. at a more rapid rate.

So we went. And they started asking questions the moment we left the house – as 6-year olds typically do. Here, in loosely chronological order, is what they asked:

Abah (btw Nuha and her cousins except for her aussie cousins in Perth, all call me Abah), is the bird park near or far?

Abah, is that the bird park?

Abah, why did you wave at that man in the other car? Do you know him? Is he your friend?

Abah, why do you have to buy tickets?

Abah, why do I have to wear my hat?

Abah, why is that bird not moving?

Abah, why is that bird statue look like a bird?

Abah, why that peacock not pretty like that other peacock overthere?

Abah, why now is not birds’ feeding time anymore?

Abah, why can’t I give my bread to the birds?

Abah, why is it so smelly here?

Abah, why is that bird outside and that one inside the cage?

Abah, what is the red parrot going to do now?

Abah, what is the blue parrot going to do now?

Abah, where is the eagle? I can’t see it.

Abah, is monkey friends with bird?

Abah, can we go into the shop? I won’t ask for anything.

Abah, why can’t I have the eagle soft toy? I never had any eagle soft toy.

Abah, can I have ice-cream?

Abah, are we going home now?

Abah, can we go somewhere else after this?

Abah, are we going to the bird park again tomorrow? I like the bird park.

All this in between “Abah, I need to chiing (pee) now” and “Abah, I need to chiing again now”

18032010034 Nuha and cousin Tijani at the bird park


The parrots that bit the hands that fed them. Ouch!


  1. wa cakap lu... we all pun cakap, 'shut up,shut up, shaddap,shaddap, shaddap, shut up, shut up' many many times when our girls talk non stop tapi dalam hati aje lah, hehehehe....

  2. hahahaha.. shut up = rude in iman's and iffah's world. selalunya kalau mama dia org marah sgt2, it will be quiet please or boleh tak diam sekejap for 5 minutes, sometimes bila mama terlalu letih, it will be "mama sakit kepala la, tanya mama esok".. bad mama

  3. Kakak, kadang2 kan tak boleh tahan wo. Dia punya soalan datang macam machine-gun bullets. hehehe

    Shidah, "shut up" is a naughty word ye? hehe

  4. Salam kenal.

    I can totally relate to this entry. I think my abah last time will have the same thing in his mind because he have 3 girls in the family. Pening.

    It is true that by nature, girls are more curious and loooove to ask questions. Sampai dah jd mak pon masih ada byk soalan sampai ayahnya malas nak layan wahaha~

    Sabar je la kan, nak buat mcm mana :)

  5. mrsdjones,

    Did you notice berapa cepat your abah develop his white hair last time? My eldest is not yet 6 and I'm already sprouting uban everywhere :)

    Sabar je la ye hehe. good advice tu tapi kadang2 tu panas la jugak. Thanks.


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