Monday, March 8, 2010

Half of it gone

So there we were somewhere inside Tesco just about done with our grocery shopping. Just Nuha and Abah doing the bonding thing while the boisterous duo are at home with Supermama doing hmm doing what they always do. boisterousing.

Anyways, Tesco was getting more crowded as more people started to arrive. And Nuha has loudly upgraded herself from “Abah I’m hungry” to “Abah I’m starviiing!”. This coming from the same girl who gulped a bowl of honeystars not two hours ago at home for breakfast while Abah had none yet. So the Daddy asked his lovely Daughter if she wanted donuts or roti canai for her second breakfast. And the Daughter happily said “donuts please”. On the way to the mamak, the Daughter bought 1 donuts on a stick and 1 big ring donut.

So there we were sitting in the mamak restaurant. The Daddy ordered a roti telur bawang for himself while the Daughter was eagerly munching on the donuts. Teh tarik for the Daddy and Milo tarik for the Daughter. Later came the roti telur bawang for the Daddy who was quite hungry by then. The Daughter was still happily munching on her donuts. The Daddy cut the roti and ate a piece..hmm nice and warm. The dal was not bad too. The Daddy cut another piece and was about to put it in his mouth when a little voice appeared from somewhere to his left. “Abah can I have some roti telur?” It was the Daughter. Maybe she liked the aroma coming from the roti and wanted to have a little taste, the Daddy thought. The Daddy cut a big piece of the roti, put some dal on it and spoon it to the Daughter who was holding donuts in her hands. “hmm nice” said the Daughter. “Nak lagi Abah” requested the Daughter.

So here we are, inside the van, ready to go back. The Daughter is still munching on her donuts. The Daddy is still hungry. Had only half of the warm nice roti telur bawang while the other half of it was gone to the Daughter. The same Daughter who had a bowl of cereal for breakfast, then had donuts on a stick at the mamak’s and is now happily munching on her ring donut on our way back from Tesco.

16022010020The Daughter proudly making and baking her own donuts.

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