Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Teach me Tai-Fu

I just got a call from Nuha our eldest, asking me to teach her Kung-Fu, Tae Kwan Do and also Tai-Fu. I’ve heard of kung-fu and tae kwan do before but tai-fu was definitely not in my vocabulary. The other thing that I have not a freaking idea where it came from is that Nuha thought her Abah was some kind of a master of martial arts. I dont think I have ever done any kung-fu or tae kwan do move in front of her. The closest I’ve gotten to, was when I tried to shoo a ‘musang’ away from our fence with some fierce-looking karate chops and noisy barks. Even then I had to quickly run back inside when the musang seemed to move forward towards me instead of disappearing into the wild as it should be doing.

Anyways, being a good father, how do you react when your kid started to call you ‘master’ and asked you to teach her kungfu or tae kwan do or tai-fu? So, being a good father, what else could you do? Masters never say no. Master always say: “Yes Nuha, Abah will teach you Kungfu, Tae Kwan Do and Oh, I have to look the other one up on wikipedia before I can say yes or no”. You could hear the happiness in her voice and almost saw that sparkle in her eyes when she heard I said yes. That was priceless and worth a thousand yesses.

So now, where do I download those “Kungfu for Dummy” books from? And I wonder if I can have Tai-Fu for lunch..

kungfupanda This is Abah being kung-fued by his disciple


  1. hi...stumbled upon ur blog the other day and i spent all day reading all your entries.

    you see, i have a daughter too, and being a mom, my view are entirely different than yours. i like ur sense of humor and ur take on life. so, keep writing more ;) (its refreshing to read a daddy's view of his angels)

  2. Hi, thank you for dropping by and for your kind words. I also noticed that there's not too many daddy bloggers around. But daddies also have things to tell and share.. other than teh tarik.


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