Friday, March 12, 2010

Search & Rescue Mission

That's what we do without fail on a nightly basis. Supermama and ZombieDaddy (well, mostly ZombieDaddy actually) conduct Search and Rescue missions every single night. Sometimes it happens once or twice a night, which is tolerable. But there are nights when it happens every freaking hour that it's making me lose hair faster than a speeding rempit. What are we searching for you might ask. What is so bloody important that we have to wake up from our much needed sleep and rescue it every single time, you might wonder. Let me show you what the culprit is..

nuby natural pacifierNuby Natural Flex pacifiers (dummies)

The twins sleep with their pacifiers. But after a while they would unconsciously chuck the pacifiers out. Then they would notice the dummies are not in their mouths anymore. This is when they would ask us to help look for them. When I said ‘ask’, I mean scream at the top of their lungs complete with tears, snot and drool, in no particular order.

You can judge us all you want, but yes we admit it! We depend on these Nuby pacifiers like the desert needs the rain or more like Shrek needs Fiona. Our sanity and survival as parents depends on this tiny little dummies.

Raina and Raisa have been on pacifiers since they were a few months old. Mind you, they are not on the dummies all day long. They more or less need the dummies only when they’re going to sleep. You know like a blankie or a special pillow, the twins would ask for their pacifiers when it’s sleep time. As it is right now we are not strong enough to say no to them because when they sleep, that means we can sleep too.

With Nuha last time we adopted a totally different philosophy. One that did not involve a pacifier. We were ardent believers back then. When the twins came, they cried a lot and they always cry at the same time. So we adopted a different philosophy, that is, to hell with philosophy. Survival instincts kicked in, Zombiedaddy and Nuby became best friends.

So, if you say anything bad about my best friend, that means you are hurting me too.


The twins being pacified

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