Thursday, May 14, 2009

Actually is an all-terrain vehicle

Nuha came home from school today with a new word "Actually" added into her rapidly growing vocabulary which is already quite impressive. So she's been actually this and actually that since I came home from the office this afternoon. Every sentence starts with actually and some of them even end with actually. It's good that she could pick up these words and tries to use them in complete sentences. It's bad that she's driving me up the wall with 143 actuallys within 4 hours. I bet she's even dreaming of actuallys in her sleep as I'm typing this up.

Good thing the twins are able to cancel out half of the actuallys with their own cute dadadada, so it doesnt sound too bad in the end. Raina & Raisa are currently in the all terrain vehicle mode. Their philosophy at the moment is more or less... This is point A and that is point B and the fastest way to get from A to B is by moving in a straight line. One should never stray from this line regardless what obstacles may lie in the path be it a pillow, stack of books or Raisa sleeping. Just scoot along as if nothing is wrong as you trample over your sleeping sister who's suddenly awaken by a knee in her spine. It's like watching Transformers and Godzilla at the same time. Oh dear me, sorry Raisa but that was funny, actually.

Raina : I'm coming to you Mama. By the way, have you seen Raisa? Cos I havent seen her all day, and how come the mattress is a bit bumpy today?


  1. ZombieDaddy,
    I agree that blogging can be very therapeutic;the twins must be a handful.Happy blogging:)

  2. Harris, parents of twins require two sets of hands each.. hence the need for such a blog.. to let so some steam and share the fun.


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