Monday, May 4, 2009

Only Man In The House

"so i suppose you can't close shop yet. You still have to try for a boy". I've heard that statement many many times from almost everyone whom I’ve told about my three daughters. Some were decent and rational when they said it doesn’t matter if u got boys or girls as long as they're healthy, just be grateful. I appreciate that kind of a remark anytime.

But most would give me a pitiful look as if i have been cursed or something and said oh! maybe the next one you'll a get a boy. So, i feigned a smile and kept my mouth shut. Man! That definitely required transcendental patience on my side 'cos i was bursting to let these people know what a load of slimy bullcrap they just spat at me. I definitely don’t appreciate this kinds of utterly retarded remarks regardless what intentions they may have.

Let me tell you, my daughters... all three of them are God's greatest gifts to me. You couldn't find a more grateful and happier man when each of them was delivered safely into this world (well Raina & Raisa came out more or less at the same time). My daughters are perfect and I wouldn’t trade any of them for the world and all the planets combined. I'll always try to be the best daddy for them. Shower them with unconditional love. Watch Monsters Inc. on dvd a hundred over times. Make them watch Liverpool games on telly. Nod and smile when they talk incessantly about blossom, bubble and buttercup (I'm sure there'll be more of this in my future entries). And maybe have a pumpgun handy for the time when some boys may come to ask them out on a date. Aaarrgghh! Choppy waters ahead!

As it is right now, i am a very happy father of three lovely girls. I’m the King of my domain, the only man in the house, a very happy man indeed.


  1. wow! i like this post to the most!
    just know how u feel, sbb my father pun ada 3daughters, when people said like that n buat muka macam kecian, we'r like nak amik muka orang tu letak dalam longkang. hahah. So what with 3girls? we'r big girls somemore. people ckp sesuka hati mcm kite tak ada kt situ, n hurt us. Dr kecik sampai la besar. *sigh* people2.. -_- sometimes cm terfikir, teruk sgt ke ada anak pmpuan je? kecik ati kite anak2 ni tau. huhu. pdhal byk hadis2 dr rasulullah sebut tentang pkara ni.

    Rasulullah SAW pernah bersabda yang bermaksud, "Sesiapa yang memiliki tiga anak perempuan, lalu dia bersabar dengan kerenah, kesusahan dan kesenangan mereka, nescaya Allah SWT akan memasukkannya ke dalam syurga dengan kelebihan rahmat-NYA untuk mereka."

    Seorang lelaki bertanya, "Juga untuk dua anak perempuan wahai Rasulullah?"

    Sabda baginda, "Juga untuk dua anak perempuan."

    Seorang lelaki berkata, "atau untuk seorang wahai Rasulullah?"

    Rasulullah SAW menjawab, "Juga untuk seorang." (Hadis Riwayat Ahmad dan Al-Hakim)

    taken from here :

    sorry tpanjang.hehe.harap2 klu sape yg bace ni, bringat skit ble cakap. ;)


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