Thursday, May 21, 2009

I don't taste like chicken

The twins have started teething for a couple of months now. I read on the net that a baby's tooth buds begin to break through her gums from around 4 to 6 months, though it can take three years for the baby's gummy grin to grow into a smile with a full set of 20 bright milk teeth. Our Raina and Raisa seem to take their own sweet time because they are nine months already and I haven’t seen a tooth. Anyway, so we were waiting whose teeth are going to break through first. The result came about a week ago with the tooth fairy favouring Raina.

So Raina has now officially grown from a toothless infant to a noisy baby with a tooth or rather a tiny white cap on her bottom gum. But this story is not about the tooth. It’s about what came with the tooth.. and in this case it’s temptations and an insatiable craving for chicken.. or anything that might look like one or probably taste like one. Now came the problem... Raina practices her chicken biting skill on poor Raisa her best buddy, particularly on her calves and feet. I half suspect that Raina probably thinks that Raisa is a chicken. I don’t blame her, who could resist Raisa’s chubby cute yummy legs. Well, this has been going on a lot today.. Raina comes after Raisa’s leg every time she has the biting urge.. like a tiny homer hungry for a pizza. Raisa would open her eyes really big not knowing whether to cry or to laugh. I just hope she wouldn’t turn around and poke Raina in the eye. I don’t know how long this is going to go on... and then the roles will be reversed when Raisa gets her tooth soon. It’s like the biting will never end. It’s time to shop for teethers before the rest of us become chewable chickens to the twins.

If Raisa could talk right now she would probably tell me “Abah could you pull this tooth thing away from my leg. And I definitely don’t taste like chicken”.

The Chicken Biter

The Chicken


  1. How come both of them look like the female version of you? Sian Jija :-)

  2. saya dah datang...........

  3. Welcome Welcome Monggo Monggo

    Eh Kakak, u mean both of them look like their mommy angah? ;-)

  4. Salam adi,
    mungkin tak ingat kak zana kawan kak mynn,tapi kak zana ingat sangat dengan adi,dulu kak zana selalu tunggu kak min kat rumah adi sebab nak pergi sekolah sama-sama dan suka menyakat adi,adi tak ingat kot cerita lama,tapi walaubagaimanapun tahniahlah dah menjadi seorang abah kepada 3 puteri, jaga anak baik-baik ya, kak zana jelous ni nak anak perempuan tak dapat-dapat,anak kak zana semua lelaki, apa petua? he he(gurau je ya)

  5. Salam kak zana, nama u mmg ring a bell tapi muka mmg tak ingat. Insyaallah pasal jaga anak baik2 tu. Pasal petua tu tak dapat la den nak menolong..


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