Friday, May 8, 2009

The Trick

Nuha our 5 yr old always loves to go to the shops or the malls with me and supermama, probably because she always gets something, like a book, ice cream or a toy at the end of each outing. But we would normally only do it over the weekends and almost never on weekdays. All this while, she only knows one way how to ask me or supermama to take her to the shops.. That is by way of the most direct request such as "abah, can we go out today?"

I suppose our Nuha has grown a tad more these last few days 'cos just the other day supermama told me about an interesting conversation she had with Nuha on the way back from the kindie. I swear it went like this..
Nuha : Mama, i think we should stop by the shop to get some nescafe for Abah.
Mama : It's ok Nuha. We still have some more at home.
Nuha : But Mama, Abah needs his nescafe. We have to go to Giant to get it.
Mama : Not the time yet Nuha.
Nuha : Mama turn right Mama. That's where Giant is. Mama turn here!!
As they drove past Giant Supermarket..
Nuha : Mama.. I really love going to the shops with you. Can we go now Mama? Can we?

Hmmm so it's not about Abah afterall. Our Nuha has learned a new skill, that is to pretend she's doing it for Abah when the fact is she just wants it for herself. Well she did not manage to get past Supermama this time. But I bet she'll improve on her "skills" soon enough.. And if Abah happens to be driving at the time, then it looks likely Supermama will be getting extra bottles of nescafe...

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