Saturday, May 16, 2009


I've just realised that this blog doesnt have any introduction. An entry to at least let other people know of what and whom it's about. Well I suppose that's because at first it was not meant for others to see. It's just my anecdotal ramblings about our three daughters that all my paychecks are sent to every month. Even Supermama had to fend for herself sometimes cos Zombiedaddy just spent his last ringgit on a playyard for the twins and another book for the sister. Well see it's all about the girls.

Anyways, I was just thinking that this blog can also be a good medium for the rest of our big family to get regular updates on my girls. They dont want to know about me of course but i'm sure they are eager to read about my 3 daughters, just as i'm eager to find out about what my nieces have been up to. Then, maybe I should tell our friends as well.. Oh why not include the world as well, now that i'm changing the settings for this blog anyway.. Hence the need for some kind of introduction.

I call myself Zombiedaddy. In the real world i'm called Rod by friends, Radhi by colleagues, Adi by family and Abah by my daughters. The other half is called Supermama because of her super abilities in taking care of our daughters. Sometimes people call her Jija or Muni depending on how far back you know her. We have three daughters. The eldest is Nuha who will be 5 yo in Sept. We also have 9 mo identical twin girls, Raina and Raisa.. the reason i became zombiedaddy. We are currently staying near Taman Melawati in KL, Malaysia although there were many times i wished we were in a cold sunny fjord somewhere in Norway. Both me and Supermama work fulltime, but we are fortunate that my MIL lives almost next door so that we can drop the kids and our nanny at her place everyday.

This blog is about Nuha, Raina and Raisa as seen by the father. It's like therapy, really. So please bear with me.

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