Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Scratch and The Scream

It was a hot and humid evening. There birds were chirping, the cats were meowing, there were sounds of merry and laughter all around. Out of a sudden there was a loud wail filled with pain and sadness piercing the air and putting a halt to the joyful mood.

As I entered the living room, Nuha was crying and she told me she was scratched. Aah! The scratch.. Immediately I knew who caused that pained look on her face. It wasn't our three cats of course. It must be those two giggling little crawling saliva factories Raina & Raisa with their angelic smiles and razor sharp nails. Forgot to clip their nails for a few days and they would sprout claws on their cute tiny fingers. These claws can definitely cut the most delicate areas of your face when you least expect it 'cos you thought that those tiny fingers surely cant hurt anything. And it does hurt like hell especially when you are lying down on the floor trying to get cozy and getting some shut-eyes when suddenly down came twenty sharp claws at you all giggling and smiling... Thus the scratch and then the scream.

The Victim

The Culprits

Sorry Nuha, it's daddy's fault. Go get the clipper for me please. Good girl. Now go get mama to put something on those scratch marks. Ouch!

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