Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Daughters' Day

Today is Mother’s Day. Nuha wants to get Supermama a Hello Kitty card. I've seen Hello Kitty soft toys but I suppose they must have cards as well. Otherwise Zombiedaddy has to resurrect his dormant creative veins and create a hello kitty masterpiece for Nuha to give to Supermama. Thank my lucky stars Nuha came back from school on Friday with a nice and big heart-shaped I-Love-Mama card that she did as a school project. She was very proud of her art work and she definitely has a big big heart for her Mama.

This year the twins don't have any say yet in terms of what's the best gift for Supermama. Nuha has absolute authority on the matter and she seems to enjoy it just like a little naepoleon. Wait till Raina & Raisa are a little bigger and I wonder if they're going to keep on being loyal henchmen to Nuha or would start their own political factions and battle for absolute power. Don’t wanna think about that just yet! Just like every daddy out there I really hope that the three of them would be the best of friends and would listen to their daddy all the time. Keep on wishing!!

Back to today, we ended up going to a lot of places and buying a lot of things for Supermama.. No! we did buy a lot of things but they are mostly stuffs for Nuha, Raina and Raisa. We bought drawing easel and swing for Nuha from Ikea. We bought new Dr.Browns bottles and extra teats for the twins from Mom’s Care. As Supermama rightly mentioned earlier.. today is actually more like a Happy Daughters’ Day instead. Nuha asked Supermama when is Happy Daughter’s Day and her eyes got really big when Supermama replied that everyday is Happy Daughter’s Day… She has already mastered the concept of today, yesterday, tomorrow and next week.. so knowing everyday is Happy Daughter’s Day is like having ice cream before meal.. pure bliss.

As a husband, finding the right gift for my wife always keeps getting harder, as everyday she has shown me and made me aware of her impenetrable love and unyielding support. Although she’d probably say a week in Bali without the kids would be a perfect gift, I really feel that no material gift could ever pay for the gratitude I feel for her sacrifice all these years.

I believe the only way to let her know this is to show, not tell.

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